Re: MacOS deployment #github #osx

Dana Shtun

sorry if dupe…

On Dec 28, 2018, at 15:47, Žiga S. <ziga.svetina@...> wrote:

Hi Dana,

Well, I don't know, but we can analyze a bit ... 
my first ideas coming are:
- maybe some old dylib(shared-objects) reference loop
- driver/firmware mismatch (Could you paste hackrf_info output)
- If you start SDRangel through Terminal ( /Applications/ ),
  do you see line where it loads plugin lib:

  2018-12-28 21:40:27.318 (D) PluginManager::loadPluginsDir: fileName:  liboutputhackrf.dylib
  2018-12-28 21:40:27.320 (I) PluginManager::loadPluginsDir: loaded plugin liboutputhackrf.dylib
  (Maybe you could paste the whole debug log ....) 


Cheerz, Z

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