Re: MacOS deployment #github #osx

Dana Shtun

DMG looks very nice !

I have hackRF driver installed (hackrf info shows it) but program does not find HackRF driver when I select source or sink.

What am i missing ?  


On Dec 28, 2018, at 11:09, Žiga S. <ziga.svetina@...> wrote:

I am guessing that you don't have the hackrf driver installed on mac.

Using hackrf @2018.01.1 works just fine

My way of installing driver is through macports:
sudo port install hackrf
I don't use brew, but they might have it aswell.

After that, use command hackrf_info to enumerate HackRF
If you will see some serial/info stuff, it will be detected also in SDRangel.

Hope it will help a bit.

Cheerz, Z

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