SDRAngel troubles with audio input and file input


I have experimented off and on with SDRangel for a while.  However, the same problems that are show-stoppers keep coming up.  I have tried it on a couple of windows machines, and more importantly built the server version and also the GUI version on a linux server.  Everything appears normal.  I don't have an SDR but I'm trying to test decoding of DV/AMBE signals.  However, when I select LocalInput and a source, pressing "play" with signal coming in does nothing.  If I press the record button and then save the file, when I switch to FilleInput and try to load the .sdriq file it doesn't even show up.  This happens in both Linux and windows.  I've tried creating many files an converting them to the correct format with sox.  Oddly though, opening the file open dialog they simply don't even appear.  I see them in the OS's file browser, but SDRanger acts like they're not even there.  A few files do show up that I guess are being saved when I push the save button, but they all have zero byte lengths so that's not good.  Has anyone had any problems with this?  I've used this across multiple platforms, docker (where I just get a cryptic HTTP error) and for some reason it just doesn't work.  What are all the people that have it working doing?

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