Re: No soundinput on Mac OSX 10.14.6 when transmitting with plutosdr and PlutoSDR in general #osx #plutosdr

Fabio IZ0IBA 2220156

On my side when i launch the application from Finder Applications menu it does not ask for Microphone permission even if i have the entry in the Info.plist as you can see. 
at the end of the list .... may be i put the entires in the wrong order ?









        <string>SDR Rx/Tx software for Airspy, Airspy HF+, BladeRF, HackRF, LimeSDR, PlutoSDR, RTL-SDR, SDRplay RSP1 and FunCube</string>


















        <string>Copyright (c) 2019 Edouard Griffiths. All rights reserved.</string>










        <string>This app requires microphone access</string>



However if i open a terminal and go into /Applications/  and manually launch the app with  "open SDRangel"
when attempting to transmit it asks for accessing the microphone and works.  However in Preference/Security&Privacy/Privacy/Microphone
I found that the enabled application is Terminal and not SDRAngel as you show me here. 

My osx is Catalina 10.15.5 so may be something has been changed by Apple about security microphone settings. 
Who knows ....  
This problem seems to be quite similar to what descripted here
Launching the app from terminal solve the problem but how to fix that in the SDRangel code ?

73, Fabio

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