Re: Sdrangel on Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.5 #osx #install

Fabio IZ0IBA 2220156

I Ziga, i solved the issue.  The sdrangel source code works well if on osx every dependency has been installed via MacPort. 
In my case i was having a Qt software and related Qt Creator environment downloaded in my home directory.  So during the configuration phase cmake defined a building tree that 
after the cpack installation step resulted in some paths unknown from the Applications directory.  
May be the configuration script have to be modified because it does not work well if dependencies are not in the standard MacPort places.
So i installed the Qt software and Qt creator via MacPort and used that specific application to configure and build the binary. Now cpack generate a dmg that can be installed
in the /Application path and works.

So I started to test each Sdrangel functionality ... and found an other odd thing 

I select HackRF as the source device and set sample rate and frequency. 
Now i want to record a few seconds of data ... so i right click in the tape icon and chose a file name to be saved .. say ... "test.sdriq"
Now i try to left click on tape icons to set it "red" to prepare capture.  The icon does not turn red and clicking on the start button nothing happen 
The GUI is stil responsive, i can change frequency but i hanno move any slider within the device block. I have to close and reopen the application. 
So it seems that the recording functions does not work at all.  If i don't use the tape button reception start and the device gui interface seems normal. 

Could you try to reproduce the problem on Mac OSX and check if recording works ?
Tnx, Fabio.

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