Sdrangel on Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.5 #osx #install

Fabio IZ0IBA 2220156

Hi, i compiled the latest sdrangel source code on Catalina 10.15.5 using Qt Creator with all plugins enabled. 
It works either in rx than in tx using HackRF and LimeSdr Mini.
The new source code structure is changed a bit for what regards the OSX deployment stage.
After the compilation a build directory has been created  in my home directory 
and inside there is the sdrangel binary to be launched. 
In mac osx however it this necessary to deploy the binary and the related library files in the container. 

In the previous releases there was a script that was building the app but in the new source this is changed using Cpack system.
In the build directory has been generated the CPackConfig.cmake

Question is how to use it .... i launched  Cpack command in the build directory and a dmg file has been generated


However installing this dmg into the /Application folder the application crash at start.
Launching from build directory it instead works fine.
So, how to deploy in the right way ?

Tnx, Fabio.

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