Re: Ubuntu Focal Fossa 20.04 LTS and libraries

Ethan Miller K8GU

Mick, et al,

Just an update: I had some time to play with it last night and this
morning. I was running sdrangel with sudo because I had not yet set
up all of the udev rules, etc, for the ADALM-Pluto via USB (not
Ethernet---a future activity). It appears that running it as a
privileged user broke the connection to pulseaudio, hence the NFM
crashes. Everything *appears* to be working now to the limited extent
I have tested so far.

For those interested in Ubuntu 20.04:

I am running SDRangel 4.14.6 that I pulled from github last night and
I built according to the step-by-step instructions (for 18.04) on the
github Wiki, only deviating to include only and exactly the set of
hardware I have: Pluto, RTL, and RSP-1a. I'm running the latest
Xubuntu 20.04LTS patches as of 00:00 UTC 20 May 2020 before I
compiled. Hardware is a NUC i5-4250U w/ 8 gB RAM.

Great software and support! Thanks, Edouard and the group!


--Ethan, K8GU.

On 5/8/20, G1EUZ via <> wrote:
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I have NFM Rx working with the apt install of limesuite:
limesuite is already the newest version (20.01.0+dfsg-2).

Here is a screenshot of my config on a 2m FM gateway:

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