Any conflict with Docker image


Hi group
First many thanks for this fine SDRangel software :-) I am new to this but have been able to install SDRangel on a clean Mint 19.3 with LimeSDR Mini and RTL-dongle working.
Now I am starting to go further and have installed Docker on this PC and have Docker Hello World running.
My plan is to work further with a RaspPhi with the LimeSDR mini dongle as a headless server in front of my working SDRangel GUI.

But shall I uninstall SDRangel first and switch over completely to Docker. Or can I try to build/run images on this PC without conflict with my running GUI ?

Thanks in advance

OZ1OY, Jan

Edit: I forgot to write that I have installed all packages from PPA's, including LimeSuite. They say, that dont mix software from PPA with build/compiled sw. Mint 19.3 is Ubuntu 18.04 installation.

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