Frequency shift when Airspy HF "DSP library" enabled

David J Taylor

SDRangel 4.13.2
Device(s): Both AirSpy HF and HF+ discovery tested
Frequencies: 198 kHz 92.1 MHz 255.050 MHz

I notice that when the "DSP" button isn't pressed (i.e. the button is grey rather than orange) the receiver appears to shift 5 KHz low in frequency (the items on the spectrum display shift left, so likely the RX is high).

I don't know exactly what the DSP button does (OK, it toggles the DSP on or off!), but would you expect a frequency shift of an almost constant 5 kHz when it is disabled?

I've also noticed a tendency with recent versions (12 & 13.2) to close down unexpectedly when a new preset is selected while the RX is running.

Please let me know if there are any logs or screen-shots needed.

David GM8ARV
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