Re: Change in binary distributions from Github


Hi Edouard,

Many thanks for your reply. Would you mind if somebody else release some binaries ?

Best regards,

Le sam. 22 févr. 2020 à 19:46, Edouard Griffiths <f4exb06@...> a écrit :
Hi Hadrien,

to be more precise I am getting more and more reluctant in releasing binaries because with binaries come commercial grade demands. When you compile from source you realize that the value of an Open Source project moreover not backed up by a commercial organization is actually the source code and you get the focus on the source code and not so much on the so many particular system intricacies that can make a binary break. 

Anyway at a bare minimum I would like to stop building binaries on my own private infrastructure (for Windows this is simply a laptop) and move it to a more "standard" infrastructure. In the very first returns of my research on the net I came across this link and the first paragraph summarizes exactly my state of mind:

Not sure it is going to be Azure based but you get the idea...

Brgds, Edouad.

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