Re: Change in binary distributions from Github

David J Taylor


following recent issues with people that do not understand what "Open Source" really means. I have removed all binaries from the releases section on Github. From this day on no more binaries will be released this way and no form of support will be given from me outside issues properly identified in my development environment which is at present Linux Ubuntu 18.04.

Brgds, Edouard.


I have used and promoted your excellent software for some time, and the great majority of users are using the Windows version. It's really disappointing that you no longer offer a Windows version, and especially disappointing that you have removed binary versions which are working perfectly well for many users out there. I know we have talked about this in the past, and I understood that the Windows binary was a direct result of the compilation process you have, so it cost no extra effort to produce it.

I'm sure that support for Windows binary can be provided by other members of the group (there are 447 when I checked) so you need not be involved other than providing the binary. I would be quite willing to compile a binary from the source if it's possible using MS Visual Studio, but I recall that someone who tried this failed as many third-party libraries were involved, some of which required licences to be signed even for the download.

Please reconsider this decision, and at least restore the Windows binaries to your site for those who wish to explore signals with the unique SDRangel. There are plenty of us around to help!

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