SDRangel under MacOS Mojave with HackRF and RTLsdr #osx

Andre Neitzel

Hello Group,

long time i searched for methods, versions with runs SDRangel under MacOS with my RTL and HackRF. I future starts here:

I would share info that SDRangel is now available under MacOS featuring "mac ports". If you have "ports" installed under MacOS you only need to:


sudo port install sdrangel -soapysdr -limesuite -funcube -airspyhf -airspy +gui +hackrf +native +rtlsdr


„-soapysdr“ is recommended because SDRangel has native support for hackRF with +hackrf and soapysdr also supports hackrf - which ends up in a version with using soapy for communicate with hackRF. Soapy hackrf support is little bit buggy. I noticed strange behavior in using sliders for gain, LNA etc. So exclude soapy during install.


If you use HackRF Portapack (like me) you need a portapack firmware without the serial nr. bug. SDRangel needs read out the serial from hackRF to work.

This one is known as good (you can verify that with hackrf_info):


Hope it helps!



Regards André (happy SDRangel user)

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