Networked receiver plugin development


I've developed a prototype wide band down-converter (3-15GHz) and a mating direct conversion receiver to digitise the IF (140MHz wide, centered on around 325MHz).

I'm currently able to stream IQ samples over gigabit Ethernet from the FPGA. The samples are 14 bits each padded to 16 bits, for a combined 32 bit sample. The system is more than capable of saturating gigabit (circa 989Mbit/s with 1500 byte packets).

I'd like to use SDRAngel as a sink for this data stream and thus need to write a device plugin.

Could any of the developers suggest a starting point? Perhaps another networked receiver plug-in exists that I can use as an example and then extend to add my required functionality? i don't yet need receiver control (this is currently managed in a separate LabVIEW application), I'd just like a real-time means of analysing the sample data.

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