docker rebuilding.

Roeland Jansen, PA3MET

in July I built docker on one of my systems and that worked in the sense that it started/showed the UI etc.


I recently wanted to fix the issue that I can see the pluto/rtl in the image but when I tried to rebuild the container:


in july it worked fine; now it doesn't. Maybe a bug somewhere in docker itself:

Docker version 19.03.1, build 74b1e89e8ac6

sdrangel build_vanilla:

=> ERROR [base 21/23] COPY pulse-client.conf /etc/pulse/client.conf 0.3s

[base 21/23] COPY pulse-client.conf /etc/pulse/client.conf:

no such file or directory

and the sdrangelcli:

=> [base 6/7] RUN sudo mkdir /opt/build && sudo chown node:node /opt/build 0.7s
=> ERROR [base 7/7] WORKDIR /opt/build 0.7s

[base 7/7] WORKDIR /opt/build:

no such file or directory

the latter happens on sdrangel too if I comment out the first COPY command where it fails.

any ideas?

(it's also an issue on github)

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