Re: GUI Development...

Marty Wittrock


Kivy is a GUI front end for Python that allows things like this:

I want to develop a Kivy front end that has knob, slider, and button controls that have hooks into Python that would, by remote, control SDRAngel to the Lime. They also say that Kivy is extensible to any platform (Android) such that you could control and monitor SDRAngel over a remote link. I'm looking to use the Python scripts you wrote as examples for the Lime and then use Kivy to dress them up and make them extensible to the headless design of 'Angel. I think there's a way to press that into place, and I'm also trying to use the REST API as the means for that, but Kivy allows rich color controls that work well with Python to make a pretty nice user interface. Obviously I will continue to use the GUI that SDRAngel is based upon, but if running in the radio server mode I can use Python and Kivy as a user interface then this will only open up so many new doors to the SDRAngel because, Edouard, your app - -SDRAngel - - is the ONLY app that truly runs HF with the Lime properly. There is no other application in use today that has correct, accurate, and functional use with the Lime other than SDRAngel. So, why not open new doors for it using Kivy.

Let me know your thoughts on this, Edouard,

73 de Marty, KN0CK

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