Re: SDRAngel LIme SDR #windows

Marty Wittrock


Are you really trying to receive at 747 MHz? If you can tell us what you're trying to tune, we can better help you with getting SDRAngel to work with the Lime. It appears that it's set up correctly because it sees the Lime, but beyond that there are a few things I see that will make a big difference in terms of getting a spectrum on the screen. The first glaring issue I see is that you have no antenna selected (far right of the control GUI with the little antenna symbol next to it). 'No' means you have no antenna selected for the receive input - that's a big deal. Also, the gains aren't adjusted correctly, too - so there's that issue to resolve based on what you're trying to tune.

Let us all know that and we can work this with you.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

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