Sandia Dog Obedience Club

This group is for members of the Sandia Dog Obedience Club in Albuquerque, NM. It is a means of communication among members about dogs and news. We are not a general discussion group, rescue group, or "sales pitch" group. We do NOT allow postings regarding rescues or commercial sales. All posts and interactions with other members shall be courteous and helpful.

Sandia Dog Obedience Club members may use this list for club news such as announcements of meetings, new classes offered, cancellations of meetings or classes, announcements of club issues affecting members, requests for volunteers, requests for instructors for classes, brags, new puppy announcements, litter announcements, new human announcements, death/illness of friends of SDOC, funeral information. Also, AKC news relating to performance rules and regulations or of general importance to the dog community, emergency announcements, either local or national, which affect the dog community: requests for aid, evacuation help, etc.

We also encourage announcements of dog related events such as announcements of tests, trials, fun matches, show 'n goes, seminars, clinics, demonstrations, lectures and TV programs. 

POSTS NOT APPROPRIATE for this list are: promotions of any products; announcements of classes offered by other businesses or rescue/seeking dog requests.

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