THIS WEDNESDAY: San Diego Remote Workers Coworking Meeting #meetings #coworking #events


Hi Everyone,

I meant to get out a recap on the last meeting, and I will, but in the meantime, I wanted to mention this coworking session I will be going to on Wednesday. It is being organized by a group called "San Diego Remote Workers Coworking" with the wonderful mission of helping remote workers meet face to face more often. They meet in different parts of the city but the past few times they have been meeting at "Second Nature" on Cass Street in Pacific Beach. While we are transitioning to what I would like to eventually be a regional association, at the moment most of our members are still in the beach area so I thought I would mention it.

They organize on at the link below so RSVP there if you want to come. I will probably be there not too long after 1 pm but probably won't stay much more than an hour mostly because my laptop battery won't make it that long.  Here is the event description link:


P.S. We are looking for a presenter and moderator for our next meeting on July 18th - a week from this coming Thursday. I asked two different members if they would be willing to give a presentation on "Linkedin for Self-Employed Professionals" - because I think that network actually has gotten better since Microsoft bought it and many of us could probably be using it more effectively. If you are one of those two members perhaps this message will prod you? - if not could someone else help? Alternatively, could someone suggest a different topic or kind of meeting for the 18th?

There will be no meeting in August - we usually skip that "dog days of summer" month along with December which is too hectic for people to have to worry about another meeting. I do want to brief you all on what I am up to though - covered some of that in the last meeting but have some news since then.  I do want to get the plans in order for the 18th though so if someone could give a hand or has any ideas I would appreciate it.


Quick reminder- I will be going to this co-working session today being organized by a meetup group "San Diego Remote Workers" -  a group I wanted to connect with anyway.   It is at "Second Nature" on Cass Street in PB and I will probably be there at 1:30 or so.   I intended be working on SDIBP issues so if you have any thoughts on that swing by, though of course, you can work on your own projects.   The meetup event can be found at this link:

Also, important - I am still looking for a speaker or moderator for our meeting on July 18th - a week from tomorrow.  If you have any thoughts on that, ideas or just anything you think we should discuss, please feel free to express that on this post.  We will not be having an August meeting, but the meeting for July 18th is on come what may. 



This is a nice group - plus they meet every Wednesday in PB so I will be going again.  While we have a similar mission we will "stay the course" with SDIBP so I hope some of you can make our next meeting a week from tomorrow.   This "Remote Workers" group has a tradition of taking their group pictures with everyone doing something weird every week.  This week we were all supposed to hold up our forks for some reason and have included this picture for your amusement.  Missing from this picture is Dina - one of the organizers who took the picture