Capsule: A short self-development course


I am not trying to bombard you guys with information about online courses.  This popped up in a feed just a few minutes after I signed up for that Y-combinator course so it's just a coincidence  It looks interesting though, and it doesn't seem like there is much to lose from checking it out.  I don't know anything beyond the blurb I pasted below and what is on their website at:
Capsule is a nine-topic course and Q&A service covering the psychology that often separates successful careers and relationships from ones that flounder.
"Read" 139 scientific studies, condensed to ~3 hours, on:
Mental / emotional management  
Goal-setting & decision-making
Relationships & communication
Leadership & self-awareness


OK, I may have jumped the gun on this - it seems their definition of "free" is rather creative and they make you enter your Paypal account for getting a free "week" - and I am not sure that even gives access to all nine lessons - after that, it is $84 a year.  That may still be a good deal, but it seems a little deceptive the way they did it and I probably should have checked it out more thoroughly before I sent that message.  Sorry for the interruption - hope you are all having a great hump day :-)