Yesterday's SDIBP meeting


Happy Friday everyone!

We had fun at yesterday's SDIBP meeting. This was a discussion about "leadership for the self-employed" and Heidrum Ziche delivered as promised and shared some of the secrets she has learned about leadership from the corporate world. If you would like to know about her and her business coaching practice please visit her website at:

There were just three of us at this meeting but we had a great conversation. I would have liked to have had more people attend but I take responsibility for that - the notice went out late and the mailing list for this group needs more attention. There are many people who have attended our meetings who have not been invited here so I will be working to get our member information better organized. T

The Youtube video below will give you a flavor of this meeting but obviously it is better to attend in real life - the sound quality of this is not great, and as everyone knows, often the most important parts of meetings happen before and after the formal discussions. Also in attendance was Silvia - the head of a company that manages a coastal property in Baja California just South of Rosarito - to learn more about her business visit here website at: I must say that it was a treat for me getting the chance to talk to two smart and successful business women like this:

I will try to be a little more diligent in getting the next meeting planned and announced earlier but remember for future reference we always meet on the Third Thursday of each month except for August and December - and always at Charlie's Best Bread as long as they will have us 

Hope you all have an awesome weekend.


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