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Hi everyone, 

I meant to get this brief re-cap out earlier but I had a bunch of meetings this week.   Last Thursday's SDIBP (San Diego Independent Professionals) meeting at Charlie's Best Bread was really lots of fun.  A smaller group again this month - just six of us, but we had a great conversation and Wendy really did a bang up job on the presentation.  Let's see - from right to left going around the table:
  • Kelci Wilner - an independent financial planner who really made me feel good when she said that the last meeting she went to was her first networking event and that she had met three great people she was still in contact with - the exact purpose of this group; 
  • Jimmy -  new in San Diego from Virginia  and working to set up a specialty driving service.  Jimmy is an avid bicyclist and rode his bike all the way from Chula Vista for the meeting!
  • Wendy Kitts - professionals writer and author.   She took the unique approach in her presentation of using several of our members (who weren't there) as "case studies" for content creation and had lots of great tips for everyone. 
  • Megan Hanson - a writer and instructional designer now getting projects in Social Media - she had an interesting rant about Adobe Creative Cloud I would like to learn more about
  • Rob Gordon (me) - bummed out by how fat I look in this picture because I have finally been losing some weight.  I talked about my new emphasis on and CRM (customer relationship technologies) and some database training I am starting through a small training grant. 
  • Hayato Nakamura - runs his own digital marketing agency: "Lead Control Media" specializing in helping chiropractors get new patients. 
Like I have always said, our bigger meetings give us more networking opportunities but our smaller ones give us the chance to "go deep" in some of our discussions and get to know each other a bit better.  I learned a great deal from this meeting - both from Wendy's presentation and some of the "random" chatter we had were some interesting tips and ideas got passed around.

SDIBP May 2019 Meeting.jpg

I will be putting greater emphasis on this group this year so you will be hearing more on this list.   Thank you all for your continued support and don't forget to join us on the third Thursday of every month - until further notice at our usual place - Charlies Best Bread in PB.  



CJ Gilbert

Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for this excellent recap!  Sorry I was unable to attend this time due to another planned meeting, but I have the next one on the calendar and will aim to make it!

See you all then,

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