Re: THIS WEDNESDAY: San Diego Remote Workers Coworking Meeting #meetings #coworking #events


Quick reminder- I will be going to this co-working session today being organized by a meetup group "San Diego Remote Workers" -  a group I wanted to connect with anyway.   It is at "Second Nature" on Cass Street in PB and I will probably be there at 1:30 or so.   I intended be working on SDIBP issues so if you have any thoughts on that swing by, though of course, you can work on your own projects.   The meetup event can be found at this link:

Also, important - I am still looking for a speaker or moderator for our meeting on July 18th - a week from tomorrow.  If you have any thoughts on that, ideas or just anything you think we should discuss, please feel free to express that on this post.  We will not be having an August meeting, but the meeting for July 18th is on come what may. 


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