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Thank you for this contribution Bryna - it is a good one.  The thing I like best about Boomerang is that it lets you delay the delivery of email messages, so the people I am trying to do business with don't think I am psychotic when they see I am sending messages at 3:30 am. 

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When Boomerang for Gmail launched in 2010, it only had two features: the ability to write a message now but send it later, and the ability to make an email leave your Inbox and come back at a later time. Eight years (and counting) later, those are just two of the many features relied on by millions of Boomerang users. Have you tried them all?

There’s nobody whose Inbox productivity can’t benefit from a multi-pronged Boomerang approach! In hopes of helping you get the most out of Boomerang (especially subscribers, who have unlimited credits and access to extra features), we’d like to introduce you to every feature Boomerang has added since 2010.

1. Respondable: Get more responses to your emails with AI

Respondable is an assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better, more actionable emails in real time. Based on data from millions of messages, Respondable makes every email you send more effective. As you type, your email’s reading grade level, positivity, word count and other advanced metrics are evaluated, helping you strike the perfect tone and length.
Try Respondable
2. Pause your Inbox, protect your productivity
Inbox Pause, one of the newest Boomerang features, lets users temporarily halt email interruptions. Set up your Inbox so that emails only come in at certain times, and set up powerful delivery exceptions so important emails always arrive, no matter what. Inbox Pause can help you disconnect from work when you leave work or head out on vacation. It’s also a great productivity booster - research shows that checking email less than once an hour can boost end-of-day IQ by 10 points, plus lower stress! 
Learn More About Inbox Pause
Don’t forget you can also pause your Inbox from your phone with Boomerang for iPhone.
3. Customizable menus for power users
Did you know that you can easily add custom times to the Boomerang or Send Later menu? You can add personalized times like “Tomorrow at 9am” “Monday 2pm” “in 3 weeks” or “In 24 hours” to make it even easier to have messages come back at the times that work best for you. This comes in handy if you’re using these menus multiple times a day, saving you thousands of clicks. Your fingers say thank you. 
4. Send Later only if you don't get a reply
Boomerang also provides the option to Send Later If No Reply, letting users queue up follow-up emails (perfect for job applications, sales outreach, and more) to send automatically if you don’t hear back. You can immediately schedule follow-ups to emails you write in case they don’t get a reply, without having to revisit them (and if they do get a reply, Boomerang will automatically cancel your message!). How cool is that?
5. Send emails every day, week, month, and more with Recurring Messages
Sending a single message next Monday is great, but what if you need to send an email every Monday? Boomerang lets users set up recurring emails, forever automating the tedious task of sending out timecard/expense/cleaning-the-fridge email reminders. Recurring Messages are available as part of Boomerang’s Pro and Premium plans.

6. Remind me if I don’t hear back
Follow-up reminders are a lot like Boomerang’s namesake feature, but even more powerful! Whenever you send an email, you can choose to have Boomerang bring it back to the top of your Inbox if it doesn’t get a reply. Never forget to follow-up on an email again. You can even use follow-up reminders in tandem with other Boomerang features like send later, notes, and read receipts! 

7. Read Receipts and 8. Click Tracking
Speaking of read receipts, have you ever sent an email and wondered if the person on the other end has read it? Boomerang also adds read receipts and click tracking to Gmail. Boomerang’s read receipts increase response rates and are cross-platform, so they’ll work no matter what device or email service your recipient uses. 
You can add a read receipt and click tracking to any email by clicking the blue envelope  that appears to the right of the red Send Later button. Read receipts are even more powerful when used in combination with other Boomerang features (a recurring theme!). You can use them in tandem with the Boomerang feature, and rather than Boomeranging an email if it doesn’t get a reply, you can choose to only return it to the top of your Inbox if it doesn’t get opened or clicked on.

9. CRM integration 
Boomerang hears the needs of the sales, customer experience, and business development professionals who love Boomerang, but also love their CRM software. That’s why Boomerang integrates CRM integrations into Boomerang’s Premium plan. Users are now able to harness the power of Boomerang’s scheduling capabilities in tandem with solutions like Salesforce, Pipedrive, SugarCRM, Zoho, and more!

10. Notes
Bringing an email back to your Inbox a month or more from now? Boomerang lets you attach notes to messages as a way to privately remind yourself the context of an email when you revisit it later on. 

11. The Boomerang Toolbox
The Boomerang Toolbox contains a powerful suite of scripts and tools that helps Premium plan subscribers simplify tedious email tasks, like figuring out which emails you need to follow-up on or which emails you might have missed or forgotten about. The Boomerang toolbox also lets you automatically archive or delete emails with a certain label after a set period of time. Perfect for all the promotional coupon emails you want to save, but that you have no need for after they expire!

12 and 13. Our old stand-bys: Boomerang and Send Later
This first version of Boomerang brought send later and Boomeranging to Gmail for the first time. Since then, Boomerang has helped our customers schedule over a quarter billion emails using these time-tested tools! We’re delighted to have been able to help so many messages not slip through the cracks and send so many emails at the perfect time, increasing their odds for a response and/or hiding late night or weekend email habits! (Feature Tip: Increase your open rates by scheduling emails for early morning or during lunch: a well-timed email is 30% more likely to be read!).

14. Take Boomerang with you - on iPhone, Android, and in Outlook!
You probably know that Boomerang brings powerful productivity features to Gmail on the web, but you may not know that we also make the best email apps on the iPhone and on Android! Boomerang’s mobile apps are full replacements for the stock iPhone and Android email apps, bringing everything you need to email productively into your pocket. 

Boomerang also works flawlessly in the Microsoft ecosystem thanks to Boomerang for Outlook. This version of Boomerang brings the tried and true snooze, send later, and follow-up reminders over from Gmail, as well as a suite of tools to make scheduling meetings and sharing calendars much easier! Now you can use Boomerang at work, regardless of whether your company uses Outlook or Gmail.
Try Boomerang for Android
Try Boomerang for iOS
Get Boomerang for Outlook
15. Last (and actually kinda least), multi browser support!
Regardless of what your favorite browser is, you can probably use Boomerang with it! Boomerang supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge.

In browsers that show extension icons in the toolbar, you can use the Boomerang button to email a link to any page you’re on - with Send Later built right in!
Phew! We hope this email helped you learn about some of the Boomerang features and offerings you might not have tried yet, so that you can get even more out of Boomerang for Gmail. Eight years after our launch, we’re thrilled with all the features we’ve been able to provide, but even more excited about the new offerings we’ll be sharing with you in the next decade! Regardless, we can guarantee your score for the next Buzzfeed quiz titled “How many of these Boomerang features do you know?” is going to be really high. Thanks for reading!

Here’s to a more productive Inbox, 
The Boomerang Team

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