Re: Tomorrow's SDIBP Meeting


Still looking forward to actually being in town to make one of these...but unfortunately not this month. :-(

On Wed, Jun 19, 2019, 14:20 Rob Gordon <rob@...> wrote:


So far, I only know of one, maybe two other people coming to the SDIPB meeting tomorrow. Somewhat intentionally, I didn't do a great deal of promotion this time - just announced it on this list and on our Meetup group. Is anyone else coming? In addition to discussing a few productivity tools and techniques, I would like to go over plans for the future of SDIPB and could really use your help. I have a website halfway build, a calendar, a youtube channel, some partly designed intake forms, and of course this email listserv and I would like your ideas on bringing these pieces together in a way that will benefit us all. People with a little bit of systems building experience would be especially welcome, but there are all sorts of things we need help on that don't require it, and even just reviewing what we are planning or helping generate ideas would be great. I expect this meeting will be shorter and less formal, but please swing by if at all possible.

Thank you


p.s. In case you forgot it is at 1:30 pm at Charlies Best Bread.

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