Re: Anyone know of a good lightweight text editor? #technology

Peter Hologram Man <holograman@...>

Not sure why you want a lightweight text editor, any reason not to just use open Office? You don't need to answer that question because it's only for you if you're looking for something simpler obviously that doesn't work but if you just want to create program that's free I would do the job and then some. Otherwise Google Sheets.

File organization, I use the brain, if I show up on Thursday I will be raving about about it. But it comes with a cost and I don't know about the free version, it may be enough for you. There is a learning curve but once you have it set it's phenomenal, 3d mind mapping software.

On Wed, Jun 19, 2019, 1:10 AM Rob Gordon <rob@...> wrote:
Hey guys (and gals) - I'll update you about the SDIBP meeting on Thursday sometime tomorrow  - I actually have a hidden agenda, but right now I am up late and was wondering if anyone knows of a good lightweight text editor.  On the PC these would usually be called a "Notepad replacement" because they come with more functionality than notepad, but not that much more functionality.  This group has both writers and computer folks/programmers, and both those professions tend to make heavy use of text editing so I thought this might be a good place to ask.  I have tried a few - I have Notepad++  on my computer but don't like that.   One called NoteTab looks interesting but it is paid system - doesn't cost too much but I would like to get the best one.   I would like the ability to add a title before the file gets saved, autosave capability, markup for bold, italics, etc, spell check (not all have this if you can believe it).  I would also like some kind of filing system / exploring / tags etc.   I am using on called "Desktop Wiki" and I like it but I am wondering if there is anything else out there.   Well, now that I have confused you all I hope you are having an awesome evening for the night birds who are still up with me, or an awesome morning for the early birds who are reading this before I wake up.


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