Re: Topics for next SDIBP meeting


Awesome Andrea - it will be nice to see you again and there is nothing I like more than fairly firm RSVPs.

I am not at all big on Instagram or any Facebook owned company these days - personally I think the signs that they are in decline are everywhere except on those platforms themselves.  Like you said about your friend, she started long ago when it was easy to get followers and become an "influencer" (I truly hate that word).   

That being said, if more than a few people what that topic and we find someone who is good at it we can certainly cover it.   The Youtube idea appeals to me a bit more, mostly because it has lots of uses beyond social media and advertising and is easier to use than most people think.  If you (or anyone) knows someone who can cover that topic please let me know.

Unless someone comes up with another idea and speaker soon - like within the next few hours, I am thinking of doing the next one myself - the "productivity tools and tips" one where we bring our laptops and share our favorite techniques.   One thing most of us don't get all that often is the chance to work directly with others.  Whenever I do, I learn new things I could be doing better of more efficiently.  For example, Megan kept taking about Grammerly at our last meeting, and it really is a good spell checker I have been using more lately.  The only possible hangup - the battery on my laptop dies and I will need to find a new one before next Thursday. 

It would be great if you could make it - I have learned that meetings don't need to be huge to be successful and with just a few others we can have a nice meeting.  I rather enjoyed the meeting Wendy hosted last week - there were six of us I think but I got quite a bit out of it. 


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