Topics for next SDIBP meeting


Hi everyone,

The next SDIBP (San Diego Independent Business Professionals) meeting is one week from this coming Thursday on June 20th. As usual, I am behind in planning this meeting, but rather than panic I thought I would solicit the group for ideas on topics for future meetings - both this next one and meetings for the rest of the year.  Do you have topics you would like to discuss, or a specific speaker or subject matter expert you would like to hear? - or maybe you would like to present some topic yourself? Please post your ideas on this thread. Off the top of my head, here are a few topics I think might be interesting:

  • Going Global - is it possible for independent professionals?  How to find and secure clients in other countries. 
  • Differences Between Startup Founders and Self-Employed Professionals How are we different? How are we the same? What can we learn from each other? 
  • Productivity tools and tips. Bring in your laptops and share your best tools for getting things done and tracking information about your business.
  • Brain Storming Tools and Techniques. Best ways to get new ideas about improving your business or solving problems for your business and customers.
  • Remote Working and Video Conferencing. Best technologies and techniques for remote working. Getting "non-local" customers and best practices for managing remote projects.
  • Cooperation and Collaboration. Working effectively with "stakeholders" on customer projects and getting their cooperations. Best tools and technologies for online collaboration.
  • Getting Things Done.  Project and time management technologies and techniques for self-employed practices. 

I don't have any specific speakers in mind for these topics, but do any of them tickle your fancy? What are some of your ideas for topics you would like to discuss or learn about? Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.


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