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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I am going to be a bit more "chatty" on this list between now and the SDIBP meeting on Thursday than I have been in the past - and probably beyond that. I want to catch up on the messages people have sent me here and also to bring everyone up to date on efforts to transition this from a neighborhood group to a region-wide association. For now, this is still a perfectly serviceable neighborhood group since most of our members are still in the beach area and meeting people nearby who live or work nearby is always nice so by all means keep coming if that is your primary interest.

We have potential beyond that of a neighborhood networking group though. While making new friends in your own neighborhood is great because you can see them much more often, it doesn't make all that much difference if a new business relationship is in another part of town. If you live in the beach area, and you find the perfect business contact who lives in El Cajon - or Carlsbad - or Chula Vista - it is not going to stop you from doing business with that person. No one doubts the benefits of face-to-face communication but since we live in the same region you can still meet from time to time at mutually convenient locations. That is not to mention the potential of remote conferencing technology which just keeps getting better and better.

This message is also to remind you that you shouldn't be shy about posting here, but consider using one of the hashtags below. These go right at the end of the subject line in your email message; it may make the message a little "less pretty" but it does help us organize these discussions, and allows anyone who is not interested in that topic to be able to mute it making it less likely that anyone will be getting unwanted messages here.

As a reminder, to post a message to this group simply send an email message to and to unsubscribe send an email message to

More soon. Hope to see you on Thursday.


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Applications and information systems for independent professionals - suggestions and questions.

Discussion of books that can help entrepreneurs, small business and independent professionals

Discussion of issues related to building a community of independent professionals.

Cooperation proposals for working with other independent professional - including joint ventures, co-marketing, partner requests and other ideas about working together for mutual benefit.

Working together at coworking facilities, informally at coffee shops, or virtually on the internet.

Business events that may be of interest to independent professionals. See also #meetings

Financial issues of including cash flow, billing, pricing, ash flow, accounting, taxes, investors and anything else related to money management for independent professionals.

Business ideas you would like to explore or share - both pragmatic and wild ideas are welcome.

Please introduce yourself. Tell us about your business - what you are doing or what you want to do, as well as any help you might need and the kind of people you would like to meet.

Discussion of legal issues for independent professional - questions and suggestions.

Marketing for independent professionals - questions and suggestions

New and potential secrtors markets discussion, questions and suggestions

Upcoming meetings that may be of interest to self-employed and independent professionals. See also the group event calendar.

Announcement tag for group moderation

Help if you are stuck - post the best tips, techniques and inspiration for getting going

Special offers you would like to make to our members here and their associates. Please do not use for repeated advertising.

Potential business opportunities you have spotted - both ones that you might want to pursue and ones you think might benefit others.

Discussion of policy and politics affecting independent professionals

Problems you are having with your business or practice. Post them to get ideas on how to resolve or if you just want some sympathetic listeners.

Personal productivity - suggestions, questions and ideas for increasing the efficiency of independent professionals.

Discussion of projects and initiatives that my be of interest to independent business professionals

Questions you might have about business or anything else. Let us try to help.

Recommendations of people, products and services. Please disclose if you have a business or financial interest in your recommendation.

Discussion of business relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and associates.

Request for help from our members and their associates. Can include paid or volunteer requests.

Remote working - questions and best practices for working with customers and associates who are geographically separated.

Resources of all kinds for independent professionals

Sales for independent professionals - questions, suggestions and discussion.

Questions, ideas and resources about business strategy for independent professionals.

What's new? Use this tag if you have already posted an introduction and want to let us know of any changes in your business.

Technology that benefits independent professionals - suggestions and questions.

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