Self-Employed Meeting Next Thursday #meetings


Hi everyone,

A reminder that we will be meeting as next Thursday, 1:30 PM at the usual place: Charlie's Best Bread and Coffee on Garnet. This meeting will be led by regular member Wendy --- who is a professional writer and author. She will be leading a discussion about promoting our businesses with writing and presenting her tips on "How to Stand Out in a Noisy World by Writing and Sharing Content". As usual, we will allow for time both before and after the presentation to give us the opportunity for some light networking. This is a good way to take a little break from work, learn something new and meet other self-employed professionals - try to make it if you can.

I'd like to take a few minutes at this meeting to give an update on plans for SDIBP (San Diego Independent Business Professionals). We did the transition to this new platform - which is a pretty good technology - but I haven't done nearly as much "community development" as I should (life and business always seems to intervene). As a result, last month's meeting was not well attended even though Austin Beals, CEO of "Power Up" did a fantastic job of presenting his insights into using email to build up a sel-employed practice. I will be giving a recap on that meeting before next Thursday's meeting.

Here is a description about next weeks meeting on Meetup and Eventbrite - please feel free to share or invite any of your friends or associates.

More coming soon - thanks for being a part of this.


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