Effective Email Strategies for Self-Employed Professionals


Hi Everyone, 

Please mark your calendar.  SDIBP (San Diego Independent Business Professionals) will be meeting in one week on Thursday, April 18th, 1:30 PM at "Charlie's Best Bread" in Pacific Plaza (1808 Garnet between Kendall Street & Lamont Street).

This month's presentation will be by Austin Beals, CEO of "Power Up" - an email marketing company. Austin will describe how independent professionals can use the same methods used by big companies to build up their self-employed practice. The one thing we have in common is using email with customers and prospects, so anything we can learn to be better at it is bound to be of great benefit. Austin will also lead a discussion with our members on this topic - our problems, issues and approaches to give us a chance to learn from each other, so you won't want to miss this important meeting.  

Hope to see you there


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