Re: Invitation: TOMORROW: NLP for Self-Employed & Independent Professionals @ Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:30pm - 2:30pm (PST) (


Two hours from now -  looks like we might have a break in the rain but bring your umbrella :-)

I wanted to mention that the calendar invitation I sent out included a link to join by video conference.   We actually will be recording the meeting - and technically it will be live on Youtube - but I don't think that link will work so you will have to join us in real life.  Let me know if you are sensitive about cameras so we can avoid but really there is not much to be concerned about - 99.9 percent of Youtube videos get zero views, and at most only a handful of people will see it - and even then probably only part of it.  It is a technology I want to use so that eventually people in other parts of town or who can't make it for other reasons can drop by virtually. 

Today's meeting should be interesting.  If you are on the fence, consider joining us. 


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