Quick Primer on NLP for Independent Professionals


San Diego Independent Business Professionals (SDIBP) will be meeting next Thursday, February 21, 1:30 PM at "Charlie's Best Bread" in Pacific Plaza (1808 Garnet between Kendall Street & Lamont Street).  T

This month's presentation will be an introduction to "Neuro-linguistic Programming". NLP is a school of thought about how states of mind affect communication and behavior and how these states are revealed in our language and non-verbal communication. It is a wonderful "secret weapon" that can be used in almost any kind of business situation. Carson Cooper, of "Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute" will be giving us an overview of this approach to communication with an emphasis on how it can be used by self-employed professionals. 

SDIBP is for independent contractors, freelance workers, small business owners (including home based) and anyone else working outside of the traditional employment system. It was previously named "Beach Area Self-Employed" but is being expanded to be a regional association with improved online and virtual services in addition to this monthly real-world meeting.  Our meetings are partly informal networking and partly a moderated discussion on a small business topic.

There is no charge (support the venue) and anyone is welcome to attend. Since we know how much self-employed folks value their time, everyone is generally in and out within one hour. This is a great opportunity to learn something new while meeting some really smart and creative local professionals so we hope you will consider joining us. 

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