New platform for independent business professionals #open


Hi Everyone -

Thanks for sticking with us during this transition to a new platform This is the replacement for the Google Group used by BASE (Beach Area Self-Employed). That group is still active, and still meets monthly in Pacific Beach (with the exception of December) but this service is being opened up to all self-employed and independent professionals in the greater San Diego region.

This was happening anyway. As I mentioned ino my last message people already were driving from other parts of the county to come to our meetings, but in a region as geographically spread out as San Diego that is inconvenient at best. This will hopefully let us have better discussions and information exchange between meetings and for those in other parts of San Diego.

To accommodate this change the name of this online group is being changed to "San Diego Independent Business Professionals" - which is a bit long but captures the diverse nature of our member base. Messages from this group will show up with [SDIBP] preceding the subject line so you can use your email filters as you see fit. In addition, there are a large number of user controls so you can manage what you see from this group - including the ability to mute threads and topics that don't interest you.

The discussions on this platform are organized by hashtags which are put right at the end of the subject line - like a tweet. We have predefined about 30 tags we think cover just about everything that could be of interest to independent professionals that you can see at this link, but you can also make upi your own: These tags are not required, however, and they can even be added after the post has been published so don't be shy about posting here - anything related to self-employed or independent professionals is "on topic".

This is just the first step - now that we have this initial group transferred we can invite more people over time, and there are other services we will likely add later - for example a Slack integration that could make it even more useful. There are bound to be some glitches - but this should be much better for discussions and information exchange. Let me know if you have any ideas or questions.

Rob Gordon

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