Yesterday's SDIBP Meeting


 Thanks everyone who joined us for the launch of SDIBP (San Diego Independent Business Professionals) the "repurposing" of the "Beach Area Self-Employed" group.

At yesterday's presentation Greg Clowminzer did a bang up job on his presentation of "State of Mind for High Performance Self-Employment". More than 20 people showed up on a rainy afternoon nearly swamping the venue and we pretty much took over Charlie's Best Bread. It was a really nice "positive energy" meeting with lots of networking and I hope we can have more like it. As an experiment I tried to video the talk. The quality isn't great and i didn't get all of it, but you can get a flavor at this link:

A few people asked if they could get the attendance list form this meeting - I will try to to that over the weekend. In the meantime don't forget that we have set up this communication platform and don't be afraid to use it as long as whatever you post is related to small business or self-employment. 

 Please consider uploading your standard "face shot" and say a few words about yourself or your business on your profile. The formun can be accessed completely through email or you can use the online site - the links should be at the bottom of this message.

Really appreciate the support we have gotten recently. Hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday.


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