TOMORROW: 1:30 PM: The New Reality for Independent Professionals


Hi everyone,

A quick reminder that San Diego Independent Business Professionals is still meeting on the third Thursday of each month. So much has changed - with COVID, social unrest, and AB5 - a law against our very existence, the year 2020 has gotten off to a rough start, to say the least.

I was going to try to find an economist to help us understand the future landscape for independent professionals in the regional economy but I couldn't find one who was qualified and they all disagree anyway. That is why I think it is better that we get together and "compare notes" about our "new reality" - the challenges and opportunities in the new business environment. The agenda for this meeting is not "cast in concrete" but a few things I would like to cover:

1. What will the business environment be like in the future economy? Where can we find the best opportunities?

2. How can we leverage remote work? The entire country has now adapted to working online. Where are the best opportunities for this kind of work, and where are the challenges?

3. What are the workarounds for AB5? By now, I assume you have all heard of his horrific California law that makes many of our activities more difficult or even illegal. I never intended for this group to get involved in politics and I don't want this meeting to be a rant session, but I hope we can share strategies we use to keep business running while this law is on the books.

4. Status update on government programs. Several have been put into place in response to the pandemic including SBA disaster assistance loans and grants, the pandemic unemployment assistance (PUA) program, and the payroll protection plan (PPP). I hope we can share our subjective experience with these programs, as well as identifying other programs - private and public - that may be possible sources of funding in the future.

5. Cooperation and collaboration. How can independent professionals better cooperate and become better interconnected? Are there ways we can help each other? Sometimes our strength and weakness is exactly the same thing. Most of us have been able to create new opportunities from being independent, but sometimes we are too damn independent for our own good. Let's share some pragmatic information about this. What groups and associations are surviving in this new era? What specific help do you need and/or feel you can offer?

6. Maintaining good mental and physical health during difficult times - perhaps the most important topic of all. What has been helping you get through these times? - Share your tips with others, and by all means, let us know if you need help. No guarantee that we will be able to help but we can try.

7. Any other random topics you wish to discuss.

Please try to make this meeting if at all possible. Access information below Hope to see you there.


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