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Peter Scheir

Thanks Rob, for another uber interesting opportunity. I'm tempted but unable to easily put this together. I may suggest this to my good friend who is a structural engineer recently immigrated. Either way would love to hear your synopsis afterwards. As always, the opportunities you present are intriguing, exciting and highly appreciated.


On 12/3/2018 6:07 PM, Wendy Lynn Kitts wrote:

Thanks for letting me know, Rob, but can’t make it.


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The "Open San Diego" group will be meeting on Wednesday evening at Downtown Works on B street.   This is probably not for everybody - it is mostly for "data nerds" who want to use their skills to help local government and the greater community.   This group has been inactive for a long time but is now being relaunched (which they call respawned).   

Their goal is to build a bridge between technology and the government - sometimes called "GovTech".   At this meeting they will be announcing their new direction and also selecting a steering committee.  Special guest at this meeting will be Omar Passions - a community activist who recently ran for San Diego County Supervisor.   Omar grew up in the County "foster home" program and was just recently been appointed as the County "Director of Integrative Services" where is has the rather large role as the point person for affordable housing in the region.   

I will be going to this if anyone wants to meetup there.   More information at this link:


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