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Thanks Bryna - similar issue - I have a client in Australia and I really don't want the California EDD contacting them, while at the same time they didn't 1099 me - they probably don't even know what that is - so I sort of "winged it" on the emergency loan request income statement.  No idea what will happen, but I want people to feel comfortable sharing information here.  We all have to get through this.

I may have forgot to mention that when you get to the part of the form that asks for past employer, it is not set up for that and the said it would look weird, but do it anyway.

Also, for lower income folks and people on social security the latest information is that that they DO NOT have to file.  If they IRS puts money in your bank account, they know about you and will deposit $1,200.

I see you guys have written more messages while I have been writing this.  I will go read them now. 

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On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 5:38 PM Bryna Kranzler <xsnerg@...> wrote:
Thanks, Rob. I wondered about that since in the past I wasn't eligible for unemployment because most of my income came from Asia and domestic clients didn't pay unemployment. But last year I did have a client who paid unemployment tax, which should entitle me to what -- $30 a week?

On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 5:25 PM Rob Gordon <rob@...> wrote:
I just got out of an online conference with the San Diego Economic Development Corporation, San Diego Chamber, and Assemblyman Todd Gloria - a "who's who" of my least favorite business groups in San Diego.  SDEDC in particular has always blocked new ideas from getting on the table, and Todd Gloria is one of the sponsors of AB5 - need I say more?  They had the questions set up so only panelists could see them so Gloria simply ignored my question and only answered the questions he wished people had asked.  I am not making this post for a political rant though - I could go on and on, rather I will share a few pieces of information on this and other threads - which I will send separately in case anyone wants to discuss. 

The most interesting thing I learned is that self-employed can apply for unemployment insurance and list themselves as the employer!  There is no special form for this - you use the existing system and simply list yourself as the employer.  A few people on this listserv and on the Meetup listserv where I sent an identical message advised to "exercise caution" but by now you guys know I am not a spammer - sometimes caution is in order, but I am not sure this is one of those times.  It was pointed out, for example, that with the emergency loan / grant program I recommended that if you think you might qualify you should get your application in right away - "applying" and "accepting" are two different things, and you could always decide not to accept the loan or whatever terms the government offers.

That emergency loan application site was built in 48 hours - lightning fast by government standards and when something like this happens there is at least a chance you can slip through without anyone worrying about crossing every t and dotting every i.  That is the sense I got about unemployment insurance - that they will be "looking the other way".  There have been historic levels of UI claims and one piece of advice that did seem wise was to apply for as many programs as you can aound these programs may be so impacted that you should "get in line".

I have a feeling I am not going to get that emergency loan, so I am going to file an unemployment claim against myself.  Of course that makes no sense, but lots of things make no sense these days.  All that being said, accept your own counsel - or get the council of others.  A link on this page will give access to the online filing program - it is close for maintenance as I am writing this and is only open for certain hours so take a look at this page if you intend to pursue:

I am pretty sure this is the same as the loan / grant - you are under no obligation to accept if it is offered, but it is still a good idea to apply if you think you might need it.   As always, free free to add any thoughts or questions here.  More soon.


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