FMAC Update

James (M1DST)

Now the FMAC scores for 433 have been released, here are the promised comparisons with last year.


Marc (M0KYB)

Excellent James, that is really helpful to see what we are up against. Like you said, we just need stamina, staying power, consistency, whatever you want to call it!


Tony (G4LDL)

As I recall we started slowly last year because those of us who normally go /p couldn’t or wouldn’t do that. I certainly can’t make much impression from my home QTH whereas I think some of the Hereford guys have reasonable home QTHs.

We shall see.


Tony G4LDL.

April - M7APR

Interesting breakdown of the numbers, I guess now we aren’t in lockdown we can get our portable a lot more and get the numbers out there to get there. 

James (M1DST)

James (M1DST)

Here is your monthly update.

You will notice we took the lead on the 2m contest but only by 318 points.
Whilst not in first place in the 70cm contest we did actually score higher than them this month.  We're still 1921 points away from them due to our slow start in January.

There isn't enough data to make the trend lines look sensible yet but it is still nice to see the yellow lines predicting a win at the end of the year.

James (M1DST)

James (M1DST)

The FMAC results for June are in.

Well done everyone on your push with this.  We pulled back almost 700 points in the 70cm section this month which is about 16% of our deficit.

Our lead grew by over 1000 points on 2M this month and for the first time this year, we earned more points on 70CM.  See the red box in the graph below.

It is important to keep up the pressure now as a poor month could be enough for us to lose the battle.