Equipment for sale

Chris - 2E0GGU

I've had some unfortunate news today following my appointment at GWH. I have severe arthritis in both my knees and need a double knee replacement. I'll have to move from my 1st floor flat, as the staircase is an issue. Will probably have to down size so I've radio equipment, antennas, test equipment and tools to sell. 
I'll keep my HT, so you'll still hear me on VHF and UHF.


Dom - 2E0WHQ

Hi Chris,

Really sorry to hear the news. Hope that the knee replacement will help you. If you want to provide me with a list of the equipment which you have for sale and what you want for it, then I'll happily get it advertised on the SDARC website and Facebook, etc.

If you need any further help, then please let us know.


Dom, 2E0WHQ

Chris - 2E0GGU

Okay, thanks Dom. Will make a list tomorrow.