RSGB 144Mhz AFS contest

Cliff (G3MNJ)

Hi Marc,
Heard you work a couple of stations this morning. How many contacts did you make?
Only one contact here, G5WCG/P. Booming signal S9++. Satisfied considering local limitations.
How many other members took part?
Having read the rules, presume the club is set up for me to claim a few points on behalf of SDARC?

73 Cliff G3MNJ

Marc (M0KYB)

Hi Cliff, 

I was only on for the last 45mins due to other commitments, and took part from home QTH so with limited capabilities (colinear at 4m). I ended up working 12 stations, furthest 120km I think. I heard Graham G4OED, Andrew M1CJE, Viv M0IEP, so there were a few of us that took part.

Well done for having a go!

Take care,