50Mhz Trophy

Andy Sharman G0UWS/M1G

Good afternoon.


Many thanks for all those that came out to help setup, operate and pack up yesterday, whilst the weather was not exactly the best we should consider this another successful logistical setup of the station as once again we started on-time with no issues then found.


Unfortunately 50MHz was once again proving to be “un-magic” with no openings and at times some horrendous noise wiping out the band for 4/5 minutes each time. We operated for 6 hours, as planned, Total QSO’s are 90, Mult’s (Grid Squares x Countries)  where 26 with final claimed score being 358,150 - Best DX was GM4ZUK/P at 609KM.


The log has been submitted a QSO map can be found here


Regrettably we do appear to have come away with 2 major issues with the tower, an issue with the luffing winch & the front support leg. Whilst we await findings & hope we can overcome these quickly. This should be a reminder to us all that whilst no accident did occur, we should take this as a reminder that working on/near the tower whilst being raised/luffed the unexpected can occur quickly and suitable protection should already in worn. SAFETY FIRST!!


My thanks once again to those that supported this event and we can now, hopefully, start to think about VHFNFD. Please put a date in your diaries for 2nd/3rd July. This time we plan (subject to tower) to be setting up 4 stations so all hands to the pumps please.




Andy G0UWS



Andy Sharman G0UWS/M1G

Good evening.

The 50MHz trophy results are out. 

See https://www.rsgbcc.org/cgi-bin/vhfresults.pl?Contest=50MHz%20Trophy&year=2022

Logging error rate was much higher than the May contest, I am sure as familiarisation over the station setup we use increases this will as well.

Well done to all involved, let’s hope the weather & band conditions are more favourable for us next year. 

Marc (M0KYB)

Thanks Andy, we were unlucky to pick the Saturday when propagation was poor and there was that awful 9+20 static rain. But the Sunday was father's day so that day was always going to be difficult for us dads. It looks like we did much better on NFD last weekend. I for one enjoyed all three events so onwards and upwards to the next one!