Re: EMF Calculation - No Inverted V #EMF

Dom - 2E0WHQ

Thanks Den,

I was just trying to get ahead of the game by checking my HF antennas. I'm fine with my current 2m/70cm Colinear setup, mainly due to my Diamond V2000 antenna being 5.5m up on a scaffold pole half way down the garden. Curiously though, the calculator won't allow me to use the same Colinear antenna for 6m. It asks me to 'use different antenna'. The V2000 is a tri-band Colinear covering 70cm, 2m and 6m, but the calculator won't allow you to use a Colinear for 6m.

If I continue with the Colinear, it says I'm compliant based on height, as does the calculation if I use a Vertical Dipole as the 6m antenna.

Whilst the calculator is good, it's clear that there are still quite a few issues with it. I'm sure they'll get ironed out over time.



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