Re: ICOM Memory Keypad Kit

Dom - 2E0WHQ

Hi James,

Yes, that's what I said, you can make it for the IC-7000, by wiring the pins differently, but it won't be interchangeable (once built) with the IC-7300. I was just trying to point out that it won't be interchangeable between the two radios. I have both a IC-7000 and IC-7300, so it would have been nice if I could have used it on both. Having said that, I've just noticed that the radio plug is wired via a RJ45 socket, for some reason, I thought it was hard wired, but with RJ45 socket, that makes it simple as I just wire two separate plugs, one for the IC-7000 and one for the IC-7300.

Sorted! :)


Dom, 2E0WHQ

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