Re: The SK List.

Gareth Evans <headstone255@...>

We had driven away about 1/4 mile when the skies opened.

My regrets, not picking up the Hameg 60MHZ 'scope for £10, because I've a Hameg 2MHz
'scope from 1986 and it would hve been good for spares, and dithering until
it was too late to get that Heathkit valve tester! :-)

73 de Gareth G4SDW

On Wed, Aug 4, 2021 at 12:49 PM, Den (M0ACM) wrote:

Tony & I had some reasonable success at the Chippenham Ralky on Sunday last
.....  until the heavens opened and all the buyers sensibly ran home!

The List is in a mixed (!!) state at the moment and will be tidied up at the
weekend. There are still some good items available and don't forget to check
the bags of adaptors from item #800 on.

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