ICOM Memory Keypad Kit

James (M1DST)

Hi all,
A few weeks ago I considered designing a project to control my IC9700 voice memories.  Before embarking on a new project I always check if someone has already done it first.  
The obvious contender is the SotaBeams ContestConsole but that costs £70.  Far too much for what it is.
I then came across a project from ON5IA which did exactly what I wanted.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I decided just to use this project and move on.Mentioning it to a few club members who said they would like to build one, I had the PCBs manufactured and sourced all the components to populate it.  I then designed a two part case which protects the PCB.
I have around 10 kits available for purchase at £15.
For this you will get a kit of parts and a plastic case to solder yourself including the 8 pin radio plugs/sockets.
It should take about 90 minutes to build and there are only through-hole parts to solder.  You are also able to plug a headset into it including a footswitch without the need for a dongle.  You can just plug your existing microphone in instead though.Attached are some photos of the build and parts.Once they are gone, they are gone.  This was just a project for me which I scaled up to assist you as a single purchase would cost significantly more than the bulk price I achieved.If you want one, let me know asap and I will reserve one for you.
What is it, and why would you need it?
A (voice, CW, RTTY) keyer is a tool to record and play back messages. When you are calling CQ, you don’t have to endlessly speak or send morse, the keyer can do that for you.
Many Icom radio’s like the IC-7300 have a built in voice keyer with 8 memory slots. However, you can only activate these via the touchscreen when you are in the keyer menu (obviously).
This keyer menu takes up 50% of the display, and prevents you from viewing other interesting screens, such as the extended waterfall or the audioscope.




With an external keypad we can recall up to 4 out of the 8 memory slots, without having the keyer menu on display. An additional advantage of an external keypad is that you can install it in a spot that is best accessible to you. In case of a contest e.g.: just next to your PC keyboard.


It is compatible with most modern Icom radios (9700, 7300, 7100, 7800 etc) for the memory keys (voice, cw and rtty) and older Icom rigs like (910 etc) for the up/down and PTT.



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