Re: UKEICC 80m SSB Contest #contest


Well I got all ready for the contest only to have also S9 plus continuously of noise, on my Hustler 5BTV. Could hear a few who made it over the top, but gave up thinking it was my antenna.
Stripped it down this morning remade coax cleaned terminals re-fitted only to get the same noise on 80, looking at something different to replace it.


On 5 Oct 2022, at 23:33, Dom - 2E0WHQ <domwilko@...> wrote:

Well, just for laughs, I entered the UKEICC 80m SSB contest this evening in the QRP section. My 80m setup at home is pretty dire, with a fairly useless EFLW inverted sloping L antenna and a constant S9 of noise. 

Anyway, with just 3 QSOs, I managed to to come 2nd in the QRP section! 😄 And I didn't come last overall.

Andrew, M1CJE came 22nd in the Low Power section.


I might try and see if I can make myself a little more competitive in the QRP section. I'll have to see if I can improve on my antenna for 80m.


Dom, 2E0WHQ.

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