Re: FMAC. 432 log

Graham (G4OED)


If you reloaded the file at 12:56, the list of uploaded files. no longer shows your score going to SDARC!

Again, again!!!!

Graham G4OED

On 14 Sep 2022, at 12:59, Den (M0ACM) <denf.acm@...> wrote:

Thanks both.
Job now done and my little10 watt 757 score now appears!


On Wed, Sep 14, 2022, 12:13 PM Andy Sharman G0UWS/M1G via <> wrote:
[Edited Message Follows]

Claimed scores do not appear automatically, you have to submit it, there is normally a link to add them, it shows after the log is submitted around the same time as you get offered to see the QSO map. If you forgot, you can still do it manually or using the link in your received email.

The most important thing is to confirm your in the logs received list.

Andy Sharman

> On 14 Sep 2022, at 12:00, Den (M0ACM) <denf.acm@...> wrote:

> Houston, I've stirred the oxygen tanks!!
> I have uploaded my paper logs for last night. (FMAC and UKAC)
> The UKAC is all good but when I look at the Claimed Scores for the FMAC,
> my score doesn't appear - even though I have received the normal emails
> relating to the entry and had entered them before I did the SSB log !
> What have I missed ?
> .....and how do I fix it ?
> (not happened b4 !)
> ACM/P .....uzzled !!

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