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Graham (G4OED)

Thank you for the fascinating talk Tony.  Lots of additional questions.

ADS-B Exchange is a web based supplier of of aircraft tracking data.  They have an aircraft scatter API which is free to get.  However, they expect you to input data to the system in return.  This gives you the benefits of the top subscription service. 

The relevant page is here.

I also noticed that if you follow the link to the subscription page you can subscribe for $2.99 a month without feeding data.  Not sure if this includes the Scatter API, however.


Graham G4OED

On 9 Sep 2022, at 13:34, Dom - 2E0WHQ <domwilko@...> wrote:

Tony, thanks for the great presentation and chat last night. I downloaded Airscout some time ago and couldn't really make head nor tail of it, as I'm a man and I don't read manuals! wtKST was definitely the missing part. I've got a rare day off work today and it's just taken me literally minutes to get wtKST and AirScout up and running, including registering for an account with OPENSKY. All I need to do now is get a beam up at my home QTH. 

Couple of screen shots of it all working and like I say, it literally took about 10 minutes to get it all sorted.


I'm going to do some investigation in to seeing if there are any other FREE ADS-B feeds available out there. I'll see if there is any way that Flightradar24 or any of the other similar providers have an available data feed.

I'm also going to do a separate post about building your own ADS-B receiver, like the one I use, which is based on a Raspberry Pi and a cheap SDR Dongle.

Hopefully others will have a go at using wtKST and AirScout.


Dom, 2E0WHQ

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