Re: 23cm FM, Wed 13th 7pm

Graham (G4OED)


This is the link to the design of the 6 ele yagi for 23 cm.

As I mentioned I was only able to find 1/4 square brass for the boom.  I milled one side down to 6mm, so as to maintain the same ratio of the thickness of the boom to the length of the elements.  In other words the holes for the elements were drilled into the milled surface.

Hope this helps


On 12 Apr 2022, at 20:28, Darren G1ERM <darren166957@...> wrote:

Hi All, 
Paul G6UAJ and I have been chatting on 23cm FM recently. We'll be on at 7-7:30pm on Wed 13th 1297.6MHz, all welcome to join in. 
I'm in Old Town, 1W to a corner reflector. 
Paul is west Swindon, 10W, probably to a colinear.  

Darren G1ERM. 

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