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Gareth (G4SDW) <headstone255@...>

(Replying in the group rather than continuing privately separately
in case others have had their appetites whetted)

I have just had a phone call from the other chap who has said,
regrettably, that he has "hung all his ladders up" and is not doing
any more work on rooves. I am, after all,
71 years old and I think he's five years older!

With regard to other comments, you have hinted that you had in
the past some professional contact with matters of radio. Becuase of that,
and whilst the thrill of revisioning is still with you, I recommend that
although you must take the Foundation and Intermediate exams (and the
Devil take the RSCB**** for those abominations) DO NOT TAKE OUT THE
ASSOCIATED LICENCES because you will be sidetracked from your goal
which is to study for a Full licence. Keep the momentum going of studying.

**** The RSGB, in its panic to fill its membership coffers set up these schemes
but the only effect has been those still with M3 licences after 10 years; licences
which in my opinion are little removed from CB radio, and so the RSGB has
become the RSCB Just my tuppence worth.

73 de Gareth G4SDW.

PS. If you, or others, want some private email tuition to get over the hurdles,
then please feel free to email. Although I have forgotten much of it, my teenage
interest in amateur radio led me to read electronics at Uni. '69 - '72
Best wishes

On Sat, Apr 9, 2022 at 01:38 PM, <ppml5@...> wrote:

Following up on antennas, I'd be very grateful for a bit of advice: is the HF
dipole in the attached plan likely to perform  reasonably well, or should I
go for the ZS6BKW? I would like to work SSB DX on 20m, 40m, perhaps 80m if
possible. The potential issue with the ZS6BKW is that it requires 27.5m length
whereas I only have 21m (see attached plan).
Also I'd be really grateful for help installing the antenna - in case there
are radio friends able to help, (I am in Ramsbury SN8 2QE) otherwise I'll
continue searching for local aerial installers... As mentioned, I will pay
handsomely for time and materials.
And apologies that I will be slow to follow up from Monday thru Wednesday as I
am having an L4 Discetomy on Monday (which is why I'm a bit physically
Thanks very much, 73s!

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